What Candidates Might Not Know About Background Checks

You just received a job offer, and now the company wants to run a background check. Should you be concerned? Probably not. Pre-employment screening can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Things to Know About Background Checks Background Checks Protect Everyone When you’re undergoing pre-employment screening, you may feel as though the company… Read More »

How to Recover from Answering an Interview Question Poorly

You’re in the middle of an interview, and you gave a terrible response to the last question. Oh no! Did you just destroy your chances of landing this job? Probably not. Here’s how to recover from answering an interview question poorly. Tips for Overcoming a Poor Interview Answer Stay Calm When you respond to an… Read More »

The Biggest Differences Between First, Second and Third Shift

You’re interested in taking a new job, but it’s listed as second or third shift. So, what does this mean? Here’s an overview of the biggest differences between first, second and third shift. Differences Between First, Second and Third Shift The Time Frame Even though the exact hours vary, each shift covers a different time… Read More »

Need a Ride to Work? How to Address Your Problematic Commute

You have a job, but you need a ride to work. What should you do? Here are six ways to address your problematic commute. Buy a Bargain Vehicle Maybe you can’t afford a car? Or maybe your current vehicle is constantly breaking down? Fortunately, buying a car doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little… Read More »

Best Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

During an interview you answer lots of questions, but you should ask questions too. Insightful inquiries allow you to learn more about the company and help you to look like a stronger candidate. So, what should you ask? Here are some of the best questions for the end of an interview. What are the day-to-day… Read More »